Pop Lone Star – Sea Holly

My Pop Lone Star quilts use a single Hoffman Bali Pop, 2 yards of accent fabric and 5 yards of background fabric. A Hoffman Bali Pop is a package of 40 different coordinating batik 2 1/2 inch wide, width of fabric strips. This first of my Pop Lone Star series of quilts uses the “Sea Holly” color way of the Bali Pop. The finished quilt:

IMG_9119 skewed and cropped

The background setting squares quilting:

The diamond quilting:

The border quilting:

The corner quilting:

New York Beauty corner quilting:

Accent ring quilting:

The center of the star, where all the diamonds come together:

The background setting triangles quilting:

Some shots of the back side of the quilt:

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“A to Z for Ewe and Me” Completed

I completed the machine quilting, binding and embellishing of The Quilt Show’s 2014 BOM designed by Janet Stone, famous for her alphabet quilts of all descriptions:

The blue background, appliqued border has pebble, fern and feather quilting motifs as well as a little grass under the sheep! I used Bottom Line in a light blue for this quilting.

All the background olive green fabric in the block backgrounds was quilted with diagonal, parallel lines in Bottom Line in an olive green.

The black outside borders were quilted in a feather/fern motif using black Bottom Line thread.
Since this is an alphabet quilt after all, I quilted the alphabet among the feather/fern quilting all around the black border as well. The letters are barely visible:
The letters are easier to see from the backing:

All the blocks have some quilting in Superior’s gold metallic thread. You can see an example in the sides and sails of the boats in this block:

The binding was machine applied and has a faux piping. The binding was sewn down from the front using the Superior gold metallic thread.
I used the Superior gold metallic thread to quilt a scroll motif in the narrow black sashing:
I embellished the entire quilt with gold colored hot fix crystals. I applied a single crystal to each small star in the blocks and blue border:
I applied a single crystal to each appliqued black letter:
Where there was some sky in a block I applied crystals to look like twinkling stars:

I gave this flower in the border a crystal choker:
The sheep have crystal eyes:
The rest of the flowers along the lower blue border:
I sewed a star shaped button in the center of each of the large appliqued stars in the blue border:
The backing is an olive fabric with black dots on it:
Some trees in the blue border:
Maybe you can see some of the other crystals and gold metallic quilting in this little video featuring each block. Turn the volume up, press the arrow and enjoy:

August 28, 2016

It was fun, but I’m glad it’s done!

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Fond Farewell

One of my quilting group’s favorite members moved from the beautiful north to the beautiful south recently. The ladies in the group did not want to let this momentous event pass without making a little signature quilt for our dear friend. We chose fabrics we knew Sharon would love and we kept it simple. Three inch Rail Fence blocks with signatures and memento inscriptions in the light colored center patches. All her local quilting friends signed and several of Sharon’s favorite quilt shops and quilting camps were inscribed. We thought the result was sweet if not quite as sweet as Sharon:

A close-up:

The backing and label:
img_0444_27948487373_o x

Sharon, we will miss you, but hope to keep in touch via the phone and internet!

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Twin Quilts

A friend of mine had twin grandsons last fall, so another gal from our little quilting group and I made two little baby quilts for them.

Two quilts, not quite identical:

But each got a star in one patch centered in his quilt, because we know they will both be stars:


The backs were almost identical . . .

. . . except the quilting motifs were different, one “square swirl” and one “twisted square-in-a-square”:


Each quilt got its own unique label:

Then they were wrapped up and sent off to the boys:

Some close-ups of the quilting and the binding:

I would say that project was twice as much fun as most!

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Pippa’s Disappearing Nine Patch

Our little quilting group made a friendship quilt for one of our group who is recovering from surgery. Nineteen of us made blocks, Lillian pieced the blocks into a top, I free-motion machine quilted it, Lillian did the binding, and Julia made a pillowcase for presentation and storage.

The view from the loft:
The quilting:
The back:
Pippa is first and foremost a knitter, so we thought this striped flannel that looks like knitting would be fun for her:
The binding:
The pillowcase:
The backing again:

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“Mitre Boxes” Tablerunner

I had some width of fabric strips left from the “Urban Beads” project so I sewed them together, cut out squares from the resulting “fabric”, sliced the squares diagonally, and sewed them back together to make this table runner:
The quilting is just very simple diagonal lines:
I used threads from my stash in colors to match the fabrics in the “Mitre Boxes:”
The backing is a solid Kona Cotton fabric I had on hand:
Not bad for leftovers!

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“Urban Beads”

“Urban Beads” is a quilt pattern by “Sew Kind of Wonderful” using their Quilt Curve Ruler tool for guiding the cutting and squaring up of blocks. My daughter had a stash of ‘Quilter’s Tweed” fabrics which I thought would make a great combination with this pattern. At my little quilting group meeting one week I finished sewing the blocks into columns and tried out a couple of arrangements:
I finally settled on the second arrangement and finished sewing the columns together that day:
A few months later with Christmas approaching, when I wanted to present the quilt as a gift, I completed the quilting and binding. Here the quilt is displayed on my daughter’s chaise lounge:

Close-up of the quilting:

And the machine applied binding:

I did not have quite enough backing, but I did have extra pieces of the block fabric, so I combined the two plus a cat:
007 (2)

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What’s a Swoon Quilt Block?

For the past several years “Swoon” quilts and quilt blocks have been all the rage. Quilters seem to love to make these blocks over-sized and in a variety of fabrics from “Modern” to ” Thirties” to “Reproduction.” This block is very similar if not identical to the traditional “Dutch Rose” or “Carpenter’s Wheel” designs.

In any event, my daughter had a stash of Benartek’s Silk Road fabric collection. She decided a Swoon Quilt would be perfect, so that is what I have been working on. These blocks will finish up sewn into the quilt at a whopping 20″ square. I needed 25 of them with sashing strips (yet to come) to arrive at a king size quilt for her. I have the blocks completed and I think they make a fun little video to watch:

Swoon Blocks Movie
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“The Lady of Shalott” Completed

Here she is: my completed “The Lady of Shalott.” This was a 3 month BOM designed by Ricky Tims I started making in September 2014.
The center with a scroll quilting motif:
There were eight of these star points with a gold background:
I used a paisley quilting motif for the background as seen in this close-up:
There were four of these floral appliques:
I used a feather quilting motif for the background as seen in this close-up:
There were eight of these trumpet vine appliques:
I used a swirl quilting motif for the background as seen in this close-up:
There were eight of these dark pink plain border shapes with a vine quilting motif designed by Ricky:
I used a pebble quilting motif for the background as seen in this close-up. This achieved an embossed effect for the quilted shapes:
The applique in each corner was this bud-and-leaf shape:
I used a pebble quilting motif for the background as seen in this close-up.
I applied a binding with a faux piping by machine. Here is one of the mitered corners:
A view of the back of the quilt:
Hanging from the railing of my loft studio:
The design was by Ricky Tims. All the quilt fabrics were hand dyed fabrics by Ricky Tims acquired at his seminar in West Lafayette, IN, in 2006. The applique threads were Superior Threads Rainbows of several different variegated colors. The quilting threads were several colors of Metro Embroidery Thread. The batting is Hobbs 80/20. The backing was a Fossil Fern fabric. The quilt was free motion quilted on a Gammill Vision 26-10 long-arm quilting machine with stitch regulation. For the first time I quilted sitting down. This enabled me to get much closer to my work and accomplish much smaller background quilting than I have ever done before. The applique stitch was a multi-step blanket stitch on my Janome 6600 sewing machine.

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Woodland Twist Table Runner

Last February I made a quilt using the Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful see here. I had a few blocks left over, so I made this little table runner.

I used a variegated green thread in shades of green and brown, one of Superior Threads Rainbows collection. I quilted a “dental” feather in the outer border . . .:

. . . more or less parallel lines in the curved diamond areas . . .

. . . and a fern motif in the curved patches:

Here are a few of the curved patches surrounding a curved diamond area:

It was the perfect backdrop for my little art glass pumpkin last fall:

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