“One Wonderful Curve” Table Runner

I completed another table runner. The design is based on a table runner from Jenny Pedigo et al.’s book “One Wonderful Curve”. Jenny used six of the curved units in light colored fabrics, but my version only has five of the curved units and features my signature lime green plus a dark brown.


This is my first project on my new Innova long arm quilting machine. We recently moved from Michigan to New Mexico and simultaneously upgraded to the Innova. Here are a few pictures of the quilting in progress:



Recently, when I make a table runner or small quilt which will see lots of use, I prefer to bind by machine rather than by hand. In this picture, I have made the double fold binding, sewn it onto the front of the quilt, pressed it to the back of the quilt and glued the binding to the back of the quilt to hold it in place while I stitch in the ditch from the front of the quilt. This method usually works really



Displayed on the floor to catch some of the excellent New Mexico sunshine:



From the back side:




Over the side of the kitchen banco (banquette):


On the dining table again:


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8 Responses to “One Wonderful Curve” Table Runner

  1. Joyce Montante says:

    awesome work…. love the sunshine…

  2. Purpleneedle says:

    Very nice Joyce, really like your quilting.

  3. fortquilt says:

    Thank you !

  4. Looks great ……………….Has the Joyce touch…………..

  5. Lillian says:

    Look how much you can get done without “us” to distract you! Miss you here, another beautiful job.

  6. Wonderful work. So pretty. I love the pattern and fabrics.

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