Pop Lone Star – Hummingbird

My Pop Lone Star quilts use a single Hoffman Bali Pop, 2 yards of accent fabric and 5 yards of background fabric. A Hoffman Bali Pop is a package of 40 different coordinating batik 2 1/2 inch wide, width of fabric strips. This second of my Pop Lone Star series of quilts uses the “Hummingbird” color way of the Bali Pop. The finished quilt:

IMG_9946 skewed

Corner quilting:

New Your Beauty inset quilting:

Hummingbird quilting in the background setting squares:

Feather and hummingbird quilting in the background setting squares:

“Continuous Curve” quilting in the diamonds where they meet in the center of the quilt:

View of the entire edge of the quilt on one side:

I used “Continuous Curve” quilting in most of the diamonds forming the Lone Star. However, I used a leaf quilting motif in the accent ring of diamonds and in the outside border diamonds:

Feather quilting in the background setting triangles:

Views of the quilting from the back side of the quilt:

The quilt on display in my (former) Michigan home:
IMG_9949 (2)

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2 Responses to Pop Lone Star – Hummingbird

  1. Lillian says:

    You never cease to amaze me! LP

  2. fortquilt says:

    Thank you, Lillian.

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