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Kat’s Kaleidoscoped Khrysanthemums

CHRYSANTHEMUM: Cheerfulness, optimism, rest, truth, long life, joy. Considered to be a noble flower in Asian culture, mums are used as an object of meditation per a suggestion by Confucius. Also the birth flower for November. ***************************************** Original photos here.

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Asterisk Quilt Completed

I finished the quilting in time to show this quilt in our little quilt show in August. This is the second project I have completed on my new Gammill Vision 26-10. The quilting was really very simple. I just quilted … Continue reading

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Celtic Pillow

I finished this little quilted pillow last week. I started it in a workshop with Mary Lou Hallenbeck in November 2010. Mary Lou demonstrated her technique for appliqueing bias strips in Celtic patterns. Close-up of appliqued strips going around a … Continue reading

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Fall Foliage

1. IMG_3566, 2. IMG_3503, 3. IMG_3534, 4. IMG_3504, 5. IMG_3560, 6. IMG_3549, 7. IMG_3506, 8. IMG_3558, 9. IMG_3539, 10. IMG_3520, 11. IMG_3556, 12. IMG_3531, 13. IMG_3537, 14. IMG_3538, 15. IMG_3557, 16. IMG_3541, 17. IMG_3544, 18. IMG_3547, 19. IMG_3548, 20. IMG_3550, … Continue reading

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Fall Flowers

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Fall Fruits

On my walks in the last week or so, I have noticed lots of berries and fruits along the way. Jack-in-the-Pulpit Fruit Wild Grapes ? False Solomon’s Seal Berries The last of the Wild Blackberries, which have been unusually abundant … Continue reading

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Herb Harvest

We have had several nights below freezing, so I decided to harvest some herbs for winter usage. I went out to where my herbs grow amongst the rocks with a little basket and gathered thyme, sage, rosemary, chives and tarragon. … Continue reading

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Another Little Butterfly

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Little Butterfly

This little fellow was trapped in my screened porch a couple of days ago.

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Iced Coffee

Several weeks ago Pioneer Woman posted about making iced coffee. I was intrigued enough to buy the brand of coffee she showed in her post and try to make some myself. My version is much simpler than hers. I flattened … Continue reading

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