“Woodland Place Mats”

I made a set of six place mats using a woodland motif fabric:
The backing was from the same fabric collection:
I made six napkins from the backing fabric:
IMG_5880 (Edited)
And, two hot pads:
IMG_5881 (Edited)

Lastly, two stuffed bird pincushions:
IMG_5882 (Edited)

They have coordinating combs and beaks, and black bead eyes.:
And blue tails!
A picture showing a better view of the quilting:

The machine applied binding front . . .

. . . and back:

The birds are my favorites:
IMG_5883 (Edited)

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“Wuthering Heights”

Around ten years ago now, I made a twin sized quilt top from the fabric collection “Wuthering Heights” by 3 Sisters for Moda. I had the backing fabric and several of the coordinating fabrics, but, somehow never got around to quilting the top. Just recently my dear mother-in-law had to change from a queen sized bed to a twin due to space limitations in her assisted living apartment. This was just the motivation for me to finish up the quilt.


Some close-ups of the quilting:
IMG_5860 (Edited)
IMG_5862 (Edited)
The machine applied binding, from the front:
. . . and from the back:
The backing:

Since DMIL’s birthday is in late December, I wrapped the quilt with both Christmas and Birthday paper!

I shipped it, she called, she liked it! I don’t think she will mind my telling you, it was for her 92nd birthday!

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Recently, a friend of mine back in Michigan hosted me for a visit to see her new house and to visit with my friends from there at a quilt retreat they were all attending. When I returned home, I realized a quilt top I had made in a Jo Morton workshop a few years back would be a great thank-you gift to her. So I loaded it onto the long-arm and completed it:

Some close-ups as I was binding the quilt:

The finished binding from the backing side:

The finished product:

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“Fiesta Halo Medallion”

When I first saw The Quilt Show’s Block of the Month pattern for 2017, “Halo Medallion”, I thought it was lovely. However, I had just moved to New Mexico and wanted something a little more “Southwest” in feel. Finally, I had the idea to change up the fabrics to all Kona Cotton solids in colors of the Southwest instead of the soft, muted traditional fabrics of the original Sue Garman design.

Here is the original:
Here is my version:
IMG_5226 (2)
Some close-ups of the long arm machine quilting:

Side view:

Views of the backing:

I quilted my “Fiesta Halo Medallion” on my Innova long arm quilting machine with stitch regulation. All the quilting was hand-guided, sometimes with the aid of acrylic templates. The only thread used was Superior’s Bottom Line in color light turquoise. All the fabric, including the backing, was Kona Cotton. I used one layer of Hobb’s 80/20 batting and one layer of Hobbs wool batting. After quilting the quilt measured 82″ by 82″.

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“Out of Africa” Quilted !

I finished the quilting and binding :

IMG_0020 skewed

I was able to capture some “definition” in the morning light high-lighting the “Terry Twist” quilting motif:

Three borders:
IMG_0015 (2)
Outer, Black and White Animal Print:
IMG_0019 (2)
Middle, Orange Animal Print:
IMG_0017 (2)
Inner, Cream Animal Print:
IMG_0008 (2)

Some of the Individual Kaleidoscope Blocks:

The finished quilt is about 95 inches by 98 inches. All the fabrics are 100 % cottons from the fabric collection “Out of Africa” by Tina Higgins for Quilting Treasures. The batting is Hobbs 80/20. The thread is YLI Polished Poly. The binding is applied by machine. The machine quilting is hand guided on an Innova long-arm quilting machine. The quilting design in the hexagons is Sally Terry’s simple “Terry Twist” motif.

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Borders Added to the “Out of Africa” One Block Wonder

Adding a 2 inch cream, a 3/4 inch orange, and a 5 inch gray border made the quilt top just about the right size for a queen sized bed, about 96 inches by 99 inches all told.

Next up is the long arm quilting!

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Progress on the “Out of Africa” One Block Wonder

I sewed together all the half-hexagon columns:

Close-up of the central spiral:

Close-up of the large gray hexagon medallion in the upper right quadrant:

The top is about 81 inches by 90 inches, so far. That’s a lot of half-hexagons to pin match!

Next up, borders!

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Design Wall Work on “Out of Africa”

Going from this box of 228 half hexies . . .


. . . to a quilt top is quite a process.

Here’s a short video of how I did it!

The original fabric:


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Starting with a Clean Slate . . .

As Shakespeare noted, “’tis not so deep as a well nor so wide as a church-door, but ’tis enough, ’twill serve.” My new “design wall” sewn from two 3-yard lengths of white flannel is a little wonky, but I think it will work for laying out the “Out of Africa” One Block Wonder!


Also, I have sorted the 228 pairs of half-hexies into visually similar groups:


I named and labeled them with sticky notes. The labels read:

Zebra Mix
Elephant Heads
Elephant Trunks
Giraffe Heads
Giraffe Necks
Giraffe Chests

It’s a start.

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Out of Africa One Block Wonder

Recently, I joined a group on Facebook called “One Block Wonder Quilt Forum.” I had made a couple of One Block Wonder quilts quite a few years ago, and this group sparked my interest in doing at least one more. A One Block Wonder is a quilt made from hexagons sewn from six identical 60 degree triangles. Briefly, the way to achieve this is to stack six layers of a fabric, matching the pattern repeat, and cutting out adjacent 60 degree triangles. When sewn together the six identical triangles form a kaleidoscopic hexagon. Of course, hexagons tessellate and the rest is history! If that was clear as mud, try reading this best reference book on the subject, “One Block Wonders Encore,” by Maxine Rosenthal and Joy Peltzmann:


Part of the methodology of creating a One Block Wonder is to sew the cut triangles in sets of two half hexagons. Keeping the two halves of the hexagons separate until later in the process makes construction easier. So far, I had sewn 228 sets of half hexagons:


Two Hundred twenty eight hexagons required 8 yards of this fabric:


Isn’t it fun? The line of fabric from Tina Higgins Designs for Quilting Treasures is called “Out of Africa.” Here’s a close-up so you can see the wild animals better:


Almost all of the hexagons turn out differently. I have placed two half hexagons together on my cutting table so you can see some of the fun results:






Then you get down to some wacky bits and bobs like elephant ears and giraffe necks:


And elephant trunks and hippo heads and leopard heads all together now:

All of the hexagons will be sewn together in a (uh-hem) pleasing arrangement I hope! In the mean time, I bought some coordinating fabric for accents and borders and backing, etc.:

For accent border, orange:

For backing, black and gray:

And just in case I need it a panel depicting larger versions of the animals:

The next step is arranging the hexies on a design wall. I will keep you posted.

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