“Wuthering Heights”

Around ten years ago now, I made a twin sized quilt top from the fabric collection “Wuthering Heights” by 3 Sisters for Moda. I had the backing fabric and several of the coordinating fabrics, but, somehow never got around to quilting the top. Just recently my dear mother-in-law had to change from a queen sized bed to a twin due to space limitations in her assisted living apartment. This was just the motivation for me to finish up the quilt.


Some close-ups of the quilting:




The machine applied binding, from the front:


. . . and from the back:


The backing:


Since DMIL’s birthday is in late December, I wrapped the quilt with both Christmas and Birthday paper!


I shipped it, she called, she liked it! I don’t think she will mind my telling you, it was for her 92nd birthday!

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3 Responses to “Wuthering Heights”

  1. Purpleneedle says:

    Very nice. Your binding finished by machine looks nice & neat too. I always struggle with that. Looks like you’ve got that nailed. Saves so much time too.

  2. Judy Stone says:

    Such a beautiful quilt and so beautifully quilted. I’m sure she loved it and so cleverly wrapped. You are a very good dil. Merry Christmas!

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