Recently, a friend of mine back in Michigan hosted me for a visit to see her new house and to visit with my friends from there at a quilt retreat they were all attending. When I returned home, I realized a quilt top I had made in a Jo Morton workshop a few years back would be a great thank-you gift to her. So I loaded it onto the long-arm and completed it:


Some close-ups as I was binding the quilt:





The finished binding from the backing side:


The finished product:


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6 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Jerry says:


    Happy holidays to you and what’s his name!

  2. Lillian Perry says:

    You are right, perfect in many ways! Was sorry to have missed you when you were here…

  3. Judy Stone says:

    Love the little quilt…Your fabric choices are fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

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