Swoon Quilt Completed

Early last fall (September 2016) I finished up the Swoon Quilt in a big hurry because I had ordered a new long arm. The new long arm would be too narrow to load the 115″ x 115″ Swoon Quilt, so I had to finish it up quickly. I decided to use a pantograph instead of custom quilting to make things move along a lot faster.
Some of the blocks after quilting:





You can see how big the quilt was by how it draped over the edges of my old 8′ x 8′ cutting table!



I included four extra blocks in the backing fabric to make it large enough:



To photograph the whole quilt I had to fold it into fourths.
The northwest quadrant:


The northeast quadrant:


The southwest quadrant:


The southeast quadrant:


Machine applied binding from the front:


And from the back:


In case you missed it, here is the movie of all the blocks I posted before:

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4 Responses to Swoon Quilt Completed

  1. Just lovely. I am putting the binding on my Swoon right now and hope to have it done this evening. I didn’t make mine larger like you, but I give you credit for a beautiful quilt. The quilting is great, too. Enjoy.

  2. Judy Stone says:

    As always, this quilt is stunning. Your fabric choices are out of this world. Enjoy this beauty!!

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