Pippa’s Disappearing Nine Patch

Our little quilting group made a friendship quilt for one of our group who is recovering from surgery. Nineteen of us made blocks, Lillian pieced the blocks into a top, I free-motion machine quilted it, Lillian did the binding, and Julia made a pillowcase for presentation and storage.

The view from the loft:

The quilting:

The back:

Pippa is first and foremost a knitter, so we thought this striped flannel that looks like knitting would be fun for her:

The binding:

The pillowcase:

The backing again:


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4 Responses to Pippa’s Disappearing Nine Patch

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  2. Judy Stone says:

    She will treasure that quilt. Beautiful. So simple but so elegant. Your quilting is perfect.

  3. Marcy says:

    Great job Joyce, Lillian and Julia and all who contributed. The quilt turned out beautifully, from such a variety of patterns! The backing was perfect for Pippa and I’m so happy to see her recovering so well!! For every stitch, I’m wishing Pippa continued good health.

  4. pippa says:

    Didn’t see this when it was first posted – you need to know I was speechless – which doesn’t happen very often. It is so beautiful, and when I get my house rearranged, it will have a place of pride. Thanks so much everyone, I love you all.

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