Twin Quilts

A friend of mine had twin grandsons last fall, so another gal from our little quilting group and I made two little baby quilts for them.

Two quilts, not quite identical:


But each got a star in one patch centered in his quilt, because we know they will both be stars:

The backs were almost identical . . .
. . . except the quilting motifs were different, one “square swirl” and one “twisted square-in-a-square”:

Each quilt got its own unique label:

Then they were wrapped up and sent off to the boys:

Some close-ups of the quilting and the binding:

I would say that project was twice as much fun as most!

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2 Responses to Twin Quilts

  1. Judy Stone says:

    What a great design for a baby boy x 2! Love everything about it. How large were they?

    • fortquilt says:

      If memory serves correctly, the quilts were 40″ by 60″. The pictures were taken after the quilts were washed and dried.

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