“Mitre Boxes” Tablerunner

I had some width of fabric strips left from the “Urban Beads” project so I sewed them together, cut out squares from the resulting “fabric”, sliced the squares diagonally, and sewed them back together to make this table runner:

The quilting is just very simple diagonal lines:


I used threads from my stash in colors to match the fabrics in the “Mitre Boxes:”


The backing is a solid Kona Cotton fabric I had on hand:

Not bad for leftovers!


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7 Responses to “Mitre Boxes” Tablerunner

  1. Joyce Montante says:

    Great work…. Love the colors.

  2. Ruth E Lowe says:

    Love it! Very modern!

  3. Sally says:

    So pretty…you are so clever!!

  4. Marcella McKinney says:


  5. Judy Stone says:

    Very pretty and a great use of leftovers. The quilting is very appropriate for the design.

  6. adaisygarden says:

    So pretty! Looks beautiful!! Love the colors.

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