“Five Half-Square-Triangle Hills” Completed

My entry for the Quilters’ Blog Festival is this recently completed bed size quilt featuring half-square-triangles collected in a quilt group exchange.


The completed quilt:


The five “half-square-triangle hills” running along the center of the quilt:


Machine quilting in the white areas at the ends of the quilt:



A corner showing the border quilting and binding:


The quilting on the chevron areas and the continuous curve quilting on the half-square-triangles in the interior areas:

One of the two smallest hills:


Some views of the quilting from the back side of the quilt:


I used Glide thread in colors 20001 Cream and 20140 Leather for the long arm quilting using my Gammill Vision 26-10 machine. The batting was Hobbs 80-20. The quilt measures 88 inches by 100 inches. The half square triangles were collected in a half-square-triangle exchange with my quilt group, Lovells Loose Threads, during 2013.

Earlier posts about the making of this quilt can be seen here and here:

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7 Responses to “Five Half-Square-Triangle Hills” Completed

  1. citricsugar says:

    Oh, wow – this is gorgeous! Love the echo of the design out from the centre. And your quilting is beautiful.

  2. Cille says:

    The quilting is awesome… And so is the layout 🙂 The colors are soft, but the quilt overall is very dynamic.

  3. Candace says:

    Wow! I love this quilt!

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  5. Your quilt is stunning. I love the design you created. Very unique!

  6. Olga says:

    So beautiful! I love it! Excellent!

  7. Love the clever arrangement! Also, super quilting! Great job!

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