“Five Half-Square-Triangle Hills” Progress Report

I loaded this quilt top seen in my previous post . I stitched in the ditch along all the chevron elements, that is the red, brown, white and HST chevrons. Then, with a water soluble pen, I marked the white end areas where there was room for a little interesting quilting. I drew diamonds and vertical lines to contain different quilting designs as seen here:

Some diamonds contained “pebbles:”

Other diamonds contained “quadrants of lines:

After I completed one end of white area, I “continuous curve” quilted all the HST’s:

So now my next task is to quilt the other white end area like the first one. After that, I will quilt inside the red and brown chevrons. I will keep you posted on further progress.

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3 Responses to “Five Half-Square-Triangle Hills” Progress Report

  1. mswiss says:

    It is looking absolutely awesome

  2. katyquilts says:

    This is gorgeous! Beautiful quilting!

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