Autumn Drunkard’s Path

I just completed another curved piecing project, “Autumn Drunkard’s Path”:

I was prompted to attempt this project for three reasons: 1) I bought a two-for-the-price-of-one Cyber Monday special from Cherrywood Fabrics consisting of two “grab bags” of approximately 10″ square hand dyes …

2) I acquired the Accuquilt GO! Drunkard’s Path die set and …

3) I had just successfully completed another curved piecing project. So I was ready to tackle this challenge. Mind you, Drunkard’s Path blocks are not too challenging when the blocks are fairly large, but these babies finished at 3 1/2 inches! Cute, aren’t they?

A stack of “parts” cut out:

Hard to believe these could be sewn together without pinning:

Here’s how you begin being sure to use a quarter inch foot with a blade guide on its edge:

Using a very short stitch length (1.8), take two or three stitches, then lift the presser foot and align the right edges along the blade of the foot. The secret I found was to take only a few stitches between repeatedly lifting the pressure foot and aligning the bottom and top edges. You end up with something that looks like this:

Finger press it…

…to look like this. It helps to have a very good set of bent point tweezers to grasp the edges for aligning:

You should watch Ebony Love’s tutorial here to get an excellent demonstration of how to proceed.

Here are a few of the 144 blocks in my final quilt top:

From the two grab bags of Cherrywood hand dyes, I chose the warm colors and all the greens. The final quilt top:

I long arm quilted the top using hand guided swirls in the circles and alternating horizontal and vertical loops in the squared off corners of the blocks:

A view of the back (a Kaffe Fassett Print from my stash) after quilting:

The binding was applied by machine using another hand dye I had in my stash:

I used the same hand dye to border the label:

A final view of the quilt hanging from the railing of my loft:

The final quilt was 42 inches by 42 inches. The batting was Hobbs 80/20. The quilting thread was Glide in color “Leather.” The bobbin thread for the machine applied binding was Superior’s Rainbows in color “Brass Band.”

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19 Responses to Autumn Drunkard’s Path

  1. Monica says:

    Another beauty! It’s hard to believe it’s only 42″. My eye keeps trying to make it seem bigger, lol.

  2. Debby says:

    Your quilt is beautiful!

  3. Margaret in VA says:

    Joyce, great job! I bought the Studio 4.5″ die this year and have made a sample but haven’t decided on a “real” project yet. Thanks for the ideas! Love your finished winding ways also. I made mine of bright fabrics. Looks like we are both trying curved piecing in 2013!

  4. Judy Stone (Gaylord) says:

    Hey Joyce, my friend downstate sent me the link to your blog – small world! Love the quilt and the tutorial on curved piecing. That GO thing is great for those pieces!

  5. Glenna says:

    What a wonderful quilt and I love the colors. As a once redhead 😉 they are mine. I have been saving up batiks for a drunkards path quilt and this is making me want to start. I have the large and the small die so I plan on using both in the quilt.. Joyce you are so smart and busy.

  6. Beautiful quilt! It is inspiring me to do something with my stash of Cherrywood fabrics.

  7. Sue says:

    I love circles as well as these,,, your quilting
    I will have to remember ,,, your color choice
    Are what makes it pop ,,, thanks for posting
    A pic ,,, what’s next ????

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  9. miss601 says:

    I so love circles. You quilt is so pretty, but the quilting just sets it off.

  10. Monica Aldridge says:

    Love your “Autumn Drunkard’s Path” – are any of your pieces for sale?

    • Monica Aldridge says:

      Sorry for “jumping the gun” with my question – just checked out your website further and found the link you provided for pieces for sale. Hoping to see the Autumn Drunkard’s Path. Beautiful work!

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  12. The pattern is fun, the fabrics are great and your color choices are right on, but the quilting is what makes it. thanks for sharing.

  13. great quilting- the whole thing is so effective!

  14. Rejeanne Santoro says:

    I’ve also done drunkard’s path. I simply love the fabric choice and the quilting. Spectacular! Sweet that you could cut the pieces with Accuquilt. When I see that, makes me wish I owned one too. Makes me want to order some fabric from Cherrywood Fabrics and make one too!!! We only live about 2 hours apart!! I’m north of you.

  15. Elaine Porter says:

    Love, love the colors and the quilting! Have to make one of these :-))

  16. leonora says:

    I love your Drunkard’s Path quilt – I’m finishing off my first & found your machine quilting pattern: yes! Mine is traditional in red white/cream & I think your macine quilt will work well. I love yours so … you never know!

  17. Wavey says:

    Love your drunkards path colours….it’s on my bucket list…

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