Super Sizing the Winter Log Cabin

Shelly recently commented wondering how to make a king sized version of my “Winter Log Cabin” quilt. The original quilt seen below used 7-inch finished “cabins” where the “logs” were 1-inch wide each. It was eight blocks wide (56 inches) with 2 inch inner borders (+4) and six inch (+12) outer borders making the final quilt a nice throw size of 72 inches square.

You could simply make the “logs” 1.5 inches wide (84 inches), add two 2-inch inner borders( + 8 inches) and a 6.5 inch outer border (+ 13 inches) and have a final size of 105 inches square like this nice cream and purple example I drew up in EQ7:

Or you could use the original 7-inch blocks and add some rounds for 14 7-inch blocks across (98 inches) and a 1-inch inner border (+2) and a 5-inch outer border (+10 inches) for a 110 inch square quilt like this:

Which do you prefer?

PS: I could not resist trying out this version when I noticed the corner block resembled(vaguely) a rose bud:

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1 Response to Super Sizing the Winter Log Cabin

  1. diane says:

    LOVE the second option – 14 7″ blocks across in purple and cream!

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