Hand Quilted by Nelda

My mother, Nelda, who will be 99 years old in November, has had a life-time’s love of hand quilting.

In her retirement years she belonged to a group of hand quilters at her church. This group usually had a back log of orders for hand quilting and charged a very reasonable rate for their work. Their earnings went to missions and other charitable causes sponsored by their church. They met once a week for most of the day to quilt, all gathered around the quilt frame, stitching and chatting and planning how to quilt the next quilt. Everyone brought their own lunch and one person made dessert for all.

My mother hand quilted her own quilts, and, until I took up long arm quilting, she quilted for me as well. Occasionally, she would quilt for others, too. Here she is quilting a large Rail Fence quilt as a gift for a relative. She was 93 in this photo.

Nelda Quilting at 92  2006

Several years ago, about 2007, she hand quilted these two small pieces, one red and one pale green. I recently visited my mother and volunteered to make them into pillow coverings. I think they turned out really well.

The red one:
IMG_1370 copy
IMG_1371 copy

The pale green one:
IMG_1373 copy
IMG_1374 copy

IMG_1375 copy

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