Garden Table Top Basket


The pattern for this topper was from the January/February 2012 issue of “Quiltmania” magazine. The design was by Maggie Bonanomi for Blackberry Primitives. The original used wool fabrics, but I used batiks from my fabric stash. I added a border of fabric that matched the basket fabric. For the center of the flowers I sewed on black buttons instead of appliqueing the final smallest circle of fabric. Also, I used beads for the birds eyes instead of French knots.

Close-ups of the two birds. Most of the appliques were outlined with a machine blanket stitch, however, I used a satin stitch on the birds’ wings to give them more definition.



Close-ups of the flowers.

For the background quilting, I scattered a few larger feather fronds and then quilted a smaller paisley shape all over to fill in.
On the sofa.
IMG_0140 best
The border was mitered at the corners and outline quilted with a feather ending in a heart shape at the top and bottom in the middle.

To view a slide-show with more pictures click here.

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5 Responses to Garden Table Top Basket

  1. candy says:

    The quilting on this is beautiful!

  2. Verona says:

    Very neat and pretty!! I like the buttonhole? stitch you use instead of whip stitch. I am going yard saling in a little while just around Leopold area. This is Perry County dogwood weekend.

  3. LillianPerry says:

    Simply, charming…Another really nice job!

  4. Betty Wilson says:

    Lovely, lovely Joyce. I always marvel at everything you do. Thanks as always.

    • fortquilt says:

      Always nice to hear from you, Betty.

      Sally shared pictures of your new “toy.” Wish I could hear you play.

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