Arizona Sunset

Last week a friend of mine returned from a month-long vacation in Arizona.
She and I belong to a small quilting group in our town and she brought back a fat quarter of this fabric for each of us. She said it reminded her of the Arizona sky at sunset.
When I saw the fabric I thought how cool it would be to make some “stack-n-whack” style blocks from it. It was only a fat quarter, but the stripe was small. In the end, I was able to cut 8 stacks consisting of of 4 identical patches within each stack. I used six of the stacks to make “half fans” and the other two stacks to make the side borders.
I wanted to emphasize the sun aspect, so I quilted a fiery center using multicolored thread and gold metallic thread. This “sun” quilting covers the entire center yellow panel and the purple borders above and below it.
IMG_0247 skewed
All in all, I was satisfied with the result!

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2 Responses to Arizona Sunset

  1. Ann says:

    your quilting is amazing!

  2. mswiss says:

    WOW YOU CERTAINLY HAVE A GREAT FRIEND ! ! ! ! ! I couldn’t imagine a better use of this beautiful fabric. Awesome job.

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