Morel Magic

My husband and I had our best morel mushroom hunting expedition ever. We rose early and left the house by 7:00 A.M. in dense fog with the temperature hovering around 50F. We drove to our favorite area and look what we found!
These guys were absolutely fresh with no insect damage whatsoever.
Here they are sorted and lined up on the kitchen counter. The top row are the “grays” and the bottom, the “yellows”

Close up of grays.


Close up of yellows.


All in a bowl of water to remove forest debris and dirt.


Drained and sliced with thyme from my herb garden and some minced garlic in the background.


Sauteing the aforementioned ingredients in some butter, salt and pepper.
With the addition of a soupcon of brandy and splash of cream.

Serve over a sauteed chicken breast with a slice of crispy toast. Yum.

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6 Responses to Morel Magic

  1. Karen S says:

    OMGosh! Those look so delicious! I LOVE morels!

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  3. Jean says:

    You certainly brought back childhood memories for me. I grew up in Michigan and at one time we had a farm out in the country. We would go morel hunting down the road. Dad liked them best just sauteed in butter and made into a sandwich!

  4. MARLENE says:

    YUM ! ! ! YUM ! ! ! !

  5. snapdragons says:

    I will NOT be the one to direct Sparks to this blog post!

  6. Sparks says:

    Quite jealous! I will now have to fry up my meager morel finds. Congrats!!

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