More Pictures of Daughter’s Faux Clamshell Quilt

Since I have now delivered the finished quilt to my daughter, I feel I can post more detailed pictures of the quilting I did on it. What a beautiful canvas to work on for a machine quilter!

I decided to follow the clam shell theme with traditional clam shell quilting in the small print squares in the blocks and border and a shell design of my own devising in the white areas.

I used feathers in the sashing and tiny feathers to “stipple” the background around the large shell quilting.





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8 Responses to More Pictures of Daughter’s Faux Clamshell Quilt

  1. shirley bjork says:

    your quilting skills are amazing and I love how much the finished products brings such joy to your daughter. I have enjoyed her blog for many months now and am so glad you have started one too!:)

  2. Ann Champion says:

    Your quilting is absolutely amazing! If you could ever use another daughter..I’m available for adoption! 😉

  3. Julie A says:

    Fantastic quilting. I saw this quilt on your daughter’s flickr page and had to drop by to say, “Job well done!” I love to feather quilt. Do you do freeform or draw them on before quilting? Just curious?

    • fortquilt says:

      On this quilt I did the feathers completely free motion; however, if I am feathering in a large area, sometimes I give myself a few “registration” marks with a wash out blue pen just to keep me from wandering too far off track. A dot here and a dot there can really be a big help.

  4. Alex says:

    Your quilting is just amazing!

  5. Appoggiatura says:

    Beautiful and detailed work! I love the shells you developed for the larger white areas. I am about to go tell Kat how much I enjoy the colorway of the fabrics..

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