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  1. Verona says:

    Just looking at your site.

  2. Jenny says:

    Do you ever sell your quilts?

  3. Jenny says:

    yes! Please send me photos of the quilts you would be willing to sell. You
    do such beautiful work.

  4. Shelly Weintraub says:

    Is it possible to give me an idea for how to expand the winter log cabin quilt for a kind sized bed. I tried emailing to the address above but I’m told it’s not a valid email.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  5. Cathy Jones says:

    Do you do restoring ? I have a 200 year old quilt in rough shape. If you don’t restore quilts, can you direct me to someone who does? Thank you so much.

    • fortquilt says:

      Cathy– I do not do restoration work. I don’t even know anyone who does. You might try your local quilt fabric shop for some suggestions.

  6. Jennifer Charles says:

    Hi Joyce I’m envious of your lovely red and white quilt, like you I have a collection of reds, creams not so many of, about to start collecting though and also I will endeavour to buy the accuquilt to help cut out the shapes. I am in the process of completing a red and white Suduko quilt waiting for some more red French General to complete.
    Regards Jennifer

  7. Anna Mae Remmick says:

    Thinking of trying the Diamordsare forever quilt, can u tell me what size blocks did u use? It’s beautiful!

    • fortquilt says:

      I don’t recall making a quilt by that name. Can you give me more hints as to which one you are referring?

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