It’s a Boy or The Rest of the Story

Fast forward five years and Elizabeth had a beautiful baby boy! Yeah, I could use the remaining fabric from the wedding quilt to make a baby quilt! And here it is:

A view of the back:

Freshly quilted when the light was just right:
Some details in that great light:
Continuous curves in the border squares:

“Egg and Dart” quilting motif on the inner border and “curved cross hatching” in the side setting triangles:

“Curved cross hatching” in the central setting squares:

“Continuous curve quilting in the “nine patch” blocks”

The back, once again in that great light:

Machine applied binding from the front:

And the back:

Still have fabric left? Make a giant, all-purpose tote!

With lots of pockets:
And a great big button decorating the tab closure:

And here is the best part of “the rest of the story!”
Silas on Quilt Smaller

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3 Responses to It’s a Boy or The Rest of the Story

  1. mswiss says:

    Awesome little guy with a great quilt!!!

  2. Jean says:

    I love the idea of saving fabric for a possible future baby and making it to match a wedding quilt! Something to remember!

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