My Long Ocean Waves Journey

In the summer of 2009, almost five years ago, I attended a trunk show by Bonnie Hunter where she displayed and discussed a number of her quilt creations . Among these was this “Ocean Waves” quilt:

I was inspired! So, not long after seeing Bonnie’s quilt, I started collecting fat quarters of dark teals and light teals. It took about one and half years to collect what I thought was an adequate collection to provide a nice variety of fabrics. I started making half-square triangle (HST) units. I will post, in detail, how I made these because that is a whole other story. After all, I would need, literally, thousands of them. I packaged each color/fabric combination of HST in a separate little sandwich bag and numbered the bags. Here is my collection of 34 differently colored/patterned HST’s:

By January 2011, I was ready to start sewing blocks together from the HST’s using Bonnie’s free pattern found here. First, I made an “A Block”, a “B Block” and a “Block 2” so that I could test sew them all to make sure things were fitting together nicely:

I chose to limit working on this quilt top to the weekly meetings of my little quilt group. The following photos show my progress on my long journey finishing the piecing of this quilt top:

I had completed all the “A Blocks” and all the “B Blocks”, so I moved on to the “Block 2’s”

We had one of our meetings at Linda S’s house. I was still smiling…

At the last minute, I decided to add a pin wheel border, just because I has so many HST’s left! I finally finished piecing the top in March 2014. Now I have to decide how to quilt it! Yeah!

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10 Responses to My Long Ocean Waves Journey

  1. pippa says:

    Love your blog – you are so systematic about blogging, mine tends to be spur of the moment, although I am pushing myself to do it at least every two weeks.

  2. mswiss says:

    WOW, it is spectacular!!!!! Well worth the years involved

  3. Sandra B says:

    What a fabulous quilt! And what an accomplishment! I have wanted to make an ocean waves quilt for a longtime….your quilt gives me the inspiration to maybe give it a try….thanks for sharing!

  4. Ann says:

    Wow! fabulous quilt! was fun to see how it progressed. I would have sewn 3 rows of triangles around each solid then sewn the blocks together Ive always like that quilt design

  5. Judy in Michigan says:

    Gorgeous quilt Joyce! Lots of work but now it’s done and you can sit back and say “I did it!” Be sure to share this with Bonnie!!

  6. katyquilts says:

    Wow! It is beautiful! Well worth the time you put into it.

  7. Barb in MI says:

    What a journey – It’s fabulous!

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  9. Monica says:

    My goodness, I guess I was away when you did this post, and I’m sorry I missed it! Wow! I *love* your colour scheme, and I am in awe of your perseverance! The quilting plan looks great too. Beautiful!

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