Mimi’s Pineapples

A couple of years ago I made a pineapple quilt using a special tool (ruler) marked with the lines for one particular sized rounds. I wanted to make a pineapple quilt with narrower rounds and I did not want to have to paper foundation piece a bed-sized quilt. Late last summer I decided one should not need a special tool (ruler) or paper foundation piecing to make a proper pineapple block. I decided to make my experimental blocks with 1.5 inch finished centers and .75 inch wide finished rounds. I simply cut a 2 inch square for the center, sewed on 1.25 inch cut strips onto all four sides of the first round, lined up a ruler at a 45 degree angle on the corners and trimmed all four corners being careful that the resulting sides were all perpendicular to each other and that the rounds were the correct trimmed width (1 inch).

Scrap strips pastels and brights cut to 1.25 inches:

Cream background strips cut to 1.25 inches:

Because the background strips were cut from yardage and consequently quite long, I could sew multiples onto a strip and then cut them apart for pressing and trimming:

Trimming the rounds:

A completed pineapple block finished at 9.5 inches:

One block led to another until I decided to make quilt for my granddaughter, Mimi. I made 80 blocks for Mimi’s twin size bed. Whew!:

I quilted the top on my long-arm using a “star” free hand design of my own devising. The following views of the quilting are after the quilt was washed and machine dried:

I used turquoise So Fine! thread by Superior Thread:

A view of the back:

I applied and sewed down the binding by machine:

A view of the mitered corner from the back:

I had an extra block so I removed a few rounds and converted it to a label :

One more view of the finished quilt hanging from my loft railing:

I used Superior Thread’s So Fine! thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting. Most of the brights and pastels were stash or scraps. The cream background was Marblehead designed by Paintbrush Studios for Fabri-Quilt. My long-arm machine is a Gammill Vision 26-10.

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3 Responses to Mimi’s Pineapples

  1. Barb in MI says:

    Wow, just beautiful – it’s on my bucket list! And congrats on your AQS quilts! A friend from Gaylord emailed me your blog post…

    • fortquilt says:

      Thank you, Barb. Getting a ribbon at an AQS show was beyond my expectations! And Mimi really liked her Pineapple quilt when I gave it to her at Christmas!

  2. Elaine Adair says:

    I’m looking for quilting ideas for my Pineapple. Yours is just beautiful!! Thanks for ideas and inspiration. 8-)) I have not posted my finished top – I’m hoping the quilting design “tops” it for our local quilt show!

    Elaine Adair

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