Pineapples Your Way Class

I was lucky enough to teach a little workshop at Delphines Quilt Shop in Gaylord, Michigan, last week. Five people showed up and I was surprised to see three of them were from a quilt guild I belonged to when I first moved to this area. What a joy to “teach” old and new friend this technique. I showed them how to make pineapple blocks any width rounds, any size without paper piecing and without a special tool. I managed to capture four images of the finished blocks. Sorry, Jessica, I don’t know how I missed yours!




Oh, and here are a couple more pineapple blocks from teaching the same class in September. Sorry I do not have the names of the students. I need to remember to write all this down !

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1 Response to Pineapples Your Way Class

  1. Judy Stone says:

    These are so nice!! Hopefully I will be able to take one of your classes in the near future. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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