Red and White Winding Ways

A while back I received this copy of “American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine” :

I fell in love with that quilt immediately! It brought to mind that huge collection of red fabrics I have been amassing for several years. I know, how does a blue and white quilt bring to mind one’s red stash? (blush) Aren’t they beautiful?

The magazine article about the quilt pointed out how much simpler the cutting would be if you had an Accuquilt GO! Well, I have an Accuquilt GO! It’s not really pink; the glow is reflection from all those red fabrics in the room.:

I bought it a couple of months ago just to cut strips, mind you. This was an opportunity I could not resist. Off went my on-line order for the die set. Their packaging is so colorful, don’t you think?:

You can layer six fabrics and cut out enough pieces for 3 blocks at once… which is what I did. Did I mention I have a stash of neutrals, too?:

IMG_2826 copy

Here are my first two blocks. I think I can do this! It’s not exactly as easy as a four-patch. After all, there are twelve pieces with all curved seams, but it really is not too bad.:

IMG_2827 copy


I got so inspired I even went out to my EQ7 software and designed a sample so you can see what it will look like finished.:

Red and White Winding Ways Quilt

Its going to be beautiful. That is why I am going to wash that red stash using Synthrapol in hot water to prevent color running and then I will lightly starch and press the fabrics to prevent excessive stretching on all those curved seams.

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5 Responses to Red and White Winding Ways

  1. Monica says:

    I LOVE red and white quilts, especially scrappy ones like this. It is going to be gorgeous! I agree with your decision to wash it all. With so much work involved, you want to give it a good start.

  2. diane says:

    That cover quilt got me too! A bit beyond my beginner skills still and my beginner stash. Are you going to just wash the red? Can’t wait to see the results!

    • fortquilt says:

      Just yesterday I washed the 20 red fat quarters I will use in hot water, Synthrapol and two Color Catches….TWICE! I think that should avoid any problems with turning the quilt into a pink and red quilt the first time it is washed. I washed the 20 neutral fabrics as well. I am starching all of these today with homemade spray starch and ironing them dry. This is way more prep than I usually do, but I think it is called for.

  3. I think quilts with complicated, repetitive cutting fell out of favor with the advent of the rotary cutter and straight cutting. I am happy that the die cutter being instrumental in bringing these beautiful designs back into the sewing rooms of quilters! I like them! Yours is going to be just beautiful! Cheers! Evelyn

  4. Tammy says:

    Stunning, simply stunning is what you have on your hands. Enjoy it!

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