Sedona Star – Pinned and Ready to Sew into a Square

I thought I would show you what the appliqued sections that will turn this quilt top into a square look like after being pinned onto the inner circle. It does look a bit odd and not so pretty. Just wait until I get this sewn in and pressed!:

IMG_2406 copy


IMG_2407 copy


IMG_2408 copy

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2 Responses to Sedona Star – Pinned and Ready to Sew into a Square

  1. Monica says:

    Hi Joyce! I notice you have placed your pins at an angle. Is that helpful? I guess you are not sewing it pins down when they are pointing that way. I’m always looking for tips!

    • fortquilt says:

      I did not place them at an angle because that is helpful. I was following the angle of the paper pieced block underneath. I was trying to pin through just one thickness of the block beneath avoiding the triple thickness of its seam.

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