Mosaic Quilt Top Completed!

It’s hard to believe but it has been more than two years since my last, one, and only post about this quilt top. Check my first post dated August 17, 2010. Anyway, I completed the top recently:

I like it, but amazingly, I made the top to go with some backing fabric I had and it does not go that well with the backing fabric. Should I go ahead and use the planned fabric or buy a different one I like better? Decisions, decisions! In the mean time, I have to decide how to quilt this baby. Take a look at the little “Trips Around the World” within the big “Trip Around the World” :
They are pretty cool, but play havoc with your strip piecing efficiency. Also, note that the three narrow inner borders and the 10 inch outer border are all mitered at the corners.
Nice touch if I do say so myself.
Now, back to quilting ideas. For the little squares I am considering a circle within each square just touching the square at one point on each of the four sides, continuous curve or “Terry Twist” continuous curve. For the narrow borders I am considering 1 inch “clam shell.” For the 10 inch gold border I will attempt to design an elaborate feather incorporating nickle sized pebbles.

Also, another big decision is thread. I will probably go with gold Glide for everything or gold Glide for the gold border and a multi-colored jewel toned Lava or Rainbows by Superior for the little squares.
Anyway, here is one more look from another angle:


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9 Responses to Mosaic Quilt Top Completed!

  1. mswiss says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! Absolutely stunning……

  2. Monica says:

    Fantastic job! I was going to ask if you have any tips for keeping all your strips even and corners matched, but I have a fear that you will just say “practice.”

    I also made a quilt based on a feature fabric that never made it into the quilt. Use something you like better! You will find something else to do with the original fabric.

  3. Donna says:

    Very very pretty! Love the little trips in the big one. I think it deserves a back that you like with it! (For me, the backing sets the whole “mood” of the quilt.)

  4. Just beautiful. Congratulations on the fantastic design and perfect alignment.

  5. Sally says:

    This is just spectacular!!!

  6. Betty Wilson says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous Joyce. Patience, patience too, I would say. Loved everything about it. What backing did you finally decide on?

  7. Miss Jean says:

    Another OMG Joyce quilt! I would get seriously all mixed up putting something like that together. I’ve never mitered corners but I love them. I’ll have to give it a try!

  8. wordpressreport says:

    Reblogged this on WordPress Report.

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