String Quilt Completed

I completed the quilting and binding on my first string quilt in July:
IMG_1620 copy

In the sunshine:


Views of quilting from the back:




The quilt has been washed and dried flat, thus the crinkly effect:

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11 Responses to String Quilt Completed

  1. Ann says:

    WOW!! that turned out Beautiful!!!! Absolutely love the black with it and quilting looks gorgeous!! WOW

  2. Monica says:

    Yes, it turned out great and the quilting is beautiful. Do you use a home machine or a longarm?

  3. Barbara Lautner says:

    If I would ever spend the night at your house, I would be like Goldilocs. This one is just right.

  4. cindy says:

    Your quilting just astounds me!

  5. mswiss says:

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ! ! ! ! The only issue I have with it is that it reminds me that I have that project in a tote that needs completion also. UGH….Seriously though it turned out FANTASTIC ! ! ! ! The quilting is amazing.

  6. CF says:

    Very striking quilt, love how the black sets it all off.

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