Thunder Bay Charm Quilt

A charm quilt is made up all of one tessellating patch where each patch is a unique fabric. I belonged to the Thunder Bay Quilt Guild when some of the members of the group did a charm exchange. Eighteen of us exchanged 10 squares of fabric in an assigned color range every other month for one year. Using these squares and adding a few from my stash, I ended up with 1089 unique 5 inch squares of fabric used in my charm quilt.

The Thunder Bay Charm Quilt

I used a tessellating whirly-gig type shape and arranged them in a Trip-Around-the-World configuration.


Here I am at the 2009 Michigan Quilt Network where the quilt won a 2nd place ribbon in the “Large Machine Quilted” category.

Daughter of Thunder Bay Charm Quilt

With the whirly-gig shape I used, there were little squares of leftover fabric, so I made this smaller charm quilt of squares using the same 1089 fabrics!

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2 Responses to Thunder Bay Charm Quilt

  1. Cassandra says:

    Gorgeous quilt!!! Congratulations on your second place!

    I can’t even imagine 1089 different fabrics… :O

  2. Ann Douglas says:

    the transformation is amazing! I’ve never seen a large quilt sewn that way and there might be reason. It is beautiful!!!!

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