Brown Can Be Beautiful, Too

IMG_3752 copy
Even though there are almost two months of official fall left, most of the fall color is gone now, but I have decided brown can be beautiful, too, as in these delightful milk weed pods.

IMG_3759 copy

Wild Aster Seeds

IMG_3760 copy

Common Mullein Seed Head

IMG_3763 copy

Bracken Frond

IMG_3761 copy

Lovely, Though Unidentified

IMG_3768 copy


IMG_3769 copy

Pine Needles

IMG_3766 copy

Odd Bulbous Formations on the End of Golden Rod Stem

IMG_3770 copy

About the only bit of color left are the burning bushes as seen from my front door.

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1 Response to Brown Can Be Beautiful, Too

  1. Ann Douglas says:

    your photos are amazing

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