Day Lily Explosion at My House


1. IMG_3048, 2. IMG_3050, 3. IMG_3049, 4. IMG_3055, 5. IMG_3053, 6. IMG_2992, 7. IMG_3054, 8. IMG_3067, 9. IMG_3056, 10. IMG_3062, 11. IMG_2972, 12. IMG_3068, 13. IMG_305714.

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3 Responses to Day Lily Explosion at My House

  1. Mary says:

    Spectacular… Day Lilies are the work horses of summer. No matter how hot, they stick their beautiful heads up and smile.. just for us!
    Beautiful pictures.

  2. Norma says:

    lovely! I love lilies they are my favorite flowers, plus they last so long in a vase!

  3. fortquilt says:

    I agree. Day lilies are the bees knees.

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