2010 A Year in Books


1. Lincoln’s Melancholy, 2. U is for Undertow – Copy, 3. The Associate, 4. 700 Sundays, 5. Cutting for Stone, 6. God of the Hive, 7. Finger Lickin Fifteen, 8. Half Broke Horses, 9. One Thousand White Women, 10. Sarah’s Key, 11. South of Broad, 12. The Heretic’s Daughter, 13. The Paris Vendetta, 14. The Pianao Teacher, 15. Thunderhead, 16. Last Night in Twisted River, 17. Isadore’s Secret, 18. The Glass Castel, 19. The Apothecarys Daughter, 20. To Kill a Mockingbird, 21. The Scarpetta Factor, 22. Jane Eyre, 23. The God of Animals, 24. The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, 25. The Girl Who Played with Fire, 26. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, 27. Little Bee, 28. In the Company of Others, 29. The Outliers, 30. Quilts Their Story and How to Make Them, 31. Dear John, 32. Fall of Giants, 33. The Quilter’s Homecoming, 34. A Cup of Christmas Tea, 35. The Emperor’s Tomb, 36. Blank

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1 Response to 2010 A Year in Books

  1. Lillian says:

    Do you ever sleep?

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