Marilyn’s Quilt Completed

IMG_2326 copy

I finished the “Bethlehem Star” for my DMIL just in time for Christmas. It was shipped on Monday, so I have hopes that it will arrive at her doorstep before Saturday, December 25.



View of quilting from the backing side of the quilt. The backing is a wavy stripe in slate blue.


All the white areas of the quilt are quilted with curling feathers. All the diamond shapes are quilted with continuous curve quilting.


Inner diamond border.

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2 Responses to Marilyn’s Quilt Completed

  1. MARLENE says:

    It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL…. I regret missing the opportunity to see it up close and personal. If Marilyn doesn’t like it I would be more than willing to take if off your hands ! ! ! ! !

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, enjoy …….

  2. Sandi voikin says:

    Beautiful quilt, the quilting is wonderful. Wish I could have seen it at guild!!

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