Petroglyph Convergence

I wanted to try Ricky Tims’ technique called “convergence quilts”, so I started with a hand paint look batik and a gradient print. The result was not entirely satisfying, so I started adding borders with fat quarters from my stash. The first fabric added had native American petroglyph images in it. This inspired me to draw some of those images and applique the shapes along one of the convergence lines, thus the hand, the bear and the goat. One thing led to another, and I added a “lightning bolt” motif along the sides and traditional Navajo-looking blocks along the top and bottom. As long as I was in an experimental mood, I decided to use metallic gold thread to quilt the sun and lightning bolt motifs in several areas.


The Sun………

… the Moon, and the Stars.


Hand, Bear and Goat Petroglyphs




Metallic Gold Thread Quilting



Lightning Bolt Motif

This process of starting a project and not quite knowing how the design will evolve was intriguing.


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2 Responses to Petroglyph Convergence

  1. lillian perry says:

    Showtime! The pictures cannot do it justice…

  2. Your quilt is absolutely stunning! What beautiful work! 🙂

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