Kid’s Quilt

Since moving to northern Michigan, I joined a small group of quilters, all ex-pats from Indiana, called the Hoosier Quilting Circle. We worked on a group project to help brighten our wintry lives the past few months. This little gem will go to a project in Indiana where a new quilt is presented to each child attending Camp Watcha-Wanna-Do, a summer recreational camp for children fighting cancer. Hopefully, it will brighten some child’s life a little, too.

Kids' Quilts

There are pink, turquoise and lime green blocks:

Kids' Quilts

Kids' Quilts

Kids' Quilts

Besides the “sun” quilting in the blocks, there is “fern” quilting in the borders:

Kids' Quilts

Kids' Quilts

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3 Responses to Kid’s Quilt

  1. Fran Carrico says:

    Mmmm. . . I love those colors! A spring awakening!

  2. MARLENE says:

    WOW, another fantastic quilting job ! ! ! ! What a wonderful cause for you to contribute to.

  3. Carol Malone says:

    I just love your quilting design…What brand of longarm do you have? I want to get one but I don’t have the room.

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