Winterscapes Place Mats

I was inspired by a photograph of my daughter’s new kitchen floor to make these place mats at the last minute as a housewarming/Christmas gift to her and her husband. The kitchen floor is aqua. The fabric is from the “Winterscapes” line by Benartex.

Reverse side showing the pantograph quilting clearly. I used the Curlz pantograph by Patricia Ritter of Urban Elementz.

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2 Responses to Winterscapes Place Mats

  1. Lillian Perry says:

    They look wonderful! And what a perfect corner, you’re going to have to show me how that is done…
    Did you get that fabric on-line or local?

  2. fortquilt says:

    I bought the fabric at Delphine’s on SALE! Yeah! I think I will buy a coordinate and make napkins as well.

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