Christmas Ornaments

In the late seventies when I moved into my first house and finally had a real Christmas tree, I made these ornaments from a Vogue pattern. Does anyone have this pattern? It is no longer available from Vogue and I could not locate it on eBay. I would love to make more, but have lost my pattern after numerous moves around the country.

Yeah! Problem solved with only one day searching and bidding on eBay. I won the bid for this pattern from 1986. It is not the original Vogue pattern I used in the 70’s, but very close. I am all set for making these for NEXT Christmas.

Vogue Ornament Pattern

I did it! I found the original pattern on an eBay store! I bought it! It is on the way in the mail!

Vogue Ornament Pattern 1754

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3 Responses to Christmas Ornaments

  1. snapdragons says:

    Super cute. I don’t remember seeing those before.

  2. Natima says:

    Dear Joyce, thanks for visiting and left a comment on my blog. Now that I see more of these ornaments I would like to make them too – Hugs Natima

  3. cindy loos says:

    No, I don’t recognize them.

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