Golden Beet Tart from Country Living September 2009

I saw this recipe in Country Living magazine and could not rest until I tried it. I was having a bit of a time finding the Boursin cheese, but, finally, it was found in the tiny “party store” in my little town of less than 100 souls!

So roast some golden beets in aluminum foil. Cool, peel and slice them:


Bring a package of Boursin cheese to room temperature, then blend with some extra virgin olive oil:


Pick some fresh thyme from your herb garden or local produce department:


Bake a puff pastry sheet, cool and spread with the cheese mixture, then arranged the sliced beets tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper and the thyme:

Golden Beet Tart from Country Living September 2009

This would be a lovely appetizer cut into small squares and served with drinks, eh?

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