Progress Report on Starstruck Quilt

As I posted earlier, I am making a queen size version of Bonnie Hunter’ “Starstruck” quilt. My version will have 100 of the star blocks to make a queen size quilt. So far, I have made 47 of these:

47 and counting

And the pile of “bonus” half-square triangles is growing proportionately:

All the bonus half-square triangles

I have had an epiphany! Half of the bonus half-square triangles are cream and black and they are exactly the size I need to make the cream and black “Friendship Stars” for the border. So, I have been separating them out and here is the progress on those so far:

Black and white bonus half-square triangles

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1 Response to Progress Report on Starstruck Quilt

  1. Ann Champion says:

    Your blocks are looking fantastic! Isn’t it a great bit of luck that you can recycle those black and white pieces? They’ll make such a nice frame for the quilt! 🙂

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