The Lady of Shalott

Ricky Tims is sponsoring a 3-month Block of the Month featuring a rhapsody quilt designed by him. To hear the rest of the story click to his link here. Basically, month one was cutting out and stay stitching the background shapes. I have finished month two which is cutting out and stitching the applique shapes. Here is what the Lady looks like so far:
Examples of all the background shapes with appliques sewn on them:
Some close-ups of the applique stitching. I used my Janome 6600P’s stitch number 37, width 2, length 2, and Superior Thread’s “Lava” thread which was in my thread stash:
The fabrics are all hand-dyed fabrics bought at a Ricky Tims seminar in Lafayette, IN, in 2006! They just happened to be perfect for this design.

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One Response to The Lady of Shalott

  1. Judy Stone says:

    I am in awe of your workmanship. Stay stitching the edges is a great technique and one that I should use more often. I watched his video on doing the blanket stitch and got many tips there also. Good job!!!

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