April TQS 2014 BOM

“e” and “J” were the letters for this month. The first thing I did was to make the large flying geese units required by the “e” block with the fabrics reversed. The flying geese sure looked nice, but they just would not work in the block!


So, no problem, just jump back up on that horse and do ’em right this time. So here is the “e” block with the fabrics in the correct place:

And the cute little “J” block with the adorable lamb or ewe or whatever:


Some close-ups of the appliques involved this month, the sun:


The “ewe”:


And another star like the ones from previous months:


This month’s blocks joined with black sashing:


And all the blocks thus far joined together with sashing:


Finished with April’s post just in time for the May installment. Whew!

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3 Responses to April TQS 2014 BOM

  1. Letty says:

    Joyce-looks great!

  2. jodylovering@cox.net says:

    This looks so beautiful!

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