Lovells Stars

My quilt group in my little town meets once a week to sew and chat and eat and laugh. To add to the excitement we recently had a half-square triangle exchange using paper pieced hst’s. After six months of exchanging we each had 720 hst’s. Our hst’s finish at 2 inches square. Here is a special quilt design using a total of 676 of those half-square triangles. This includes the border hst’s. Finished size is 52 inches by 52 inches.

Lovells Stars

Here is the individual block:
Lovells Stars Block

You will need nine of these blocks for the quilt shown. In addition to the blocks, you will need more HST’s to go around the edge of the quilt so that the red diamonds have “points.” You will need 312 red HST’s or 312 HST’s of any other color you choose for the accent color. If you do not have enough of your chosen accent color, remember that one light fat quarter and one accent color fat quarter yields 72 HST’s of that color, so it is not difficult to “supplement” your collection. You do not have to choose any accent color which would result in dark “scrappy” diamonds. Add some borders to “size it up!” Have fun with this design!

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2 Responses to Lovells Stars

  1. Judy Stone says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous pattern – I have a zillion hstriangles from a workshop with Edyta Sitar. Good way to use them! Thanks Joyce. Hope to see you at Delphine’s someday soon.

  2. Monica says:

    Great pattern! I particularly like the way the grid of HSTs gives the quilt some structure without adding any other element such as sashing. A good trick to remember!

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